Sunday, April 29, 2007
Without you, what is life?
Without you, what is life?
What is there to live for?
Without you, what is life?
How can my life go on without you?
The nights are longer than centuries
the days pass more slowly than millenia
Come back to me! my heart is calling
In the evenings, loneliness wakes (in me).
I'm missing you
I feel like I'm dying
you are tormenting me
In this heart memories of you clamor
How lonely I am without you!
Come back to me! my heart is calling.
The things I'd imagined for us!
The dreams I'd embroidered!
The many things my heart hoped for!
The desires that stirred in me...
Storms pass through this heart of mine
without you, I manage to neither live nor die
How can my life go on without you?
Come back to me! my heart is calling
If I live, how could I live without you?
How can I describe what this life would be like without you...
It would be like a punishment, like a curse...
I've made this decision,
I won't live without you
Someone should give me poison; I'll drink it with a laugh
I could bear every pain;
I could live under any condition
but I cannot endure the agony of separation
I cannot remain here without you
I love you so much, darling... I'll swear to it, if you wish...I swear by God,
Every moment is filled with my desire for you...
How can such longing exist, darling?
If I meet you, then...
I will explain it to you
My poem is a fantasy of you...
I can't accept life without you now...
I'll love you like this I'll love you like this
as long I have breath within me
How mad my heart is! It loves you so much...but when you come online it fears saying anything.
How much I reason with it!
How much I try to make it relax!
It's innocent; it understands nothing
Day and night, it swells with sighs
It makes me pine ceaselessly; it keeps me awake all night long.
You don't know this but it's devoted to you alone
Until my breath departs, I will not forget you
I can't live without you;
I swear it to you!
Without seeing or knowing you, I gave you my heart;
in my heartbeats is your life
My heart longs to meet you, I am a poet & you are my poem
How could I describe to you, darling, how much I love you?
The magic of you has overwhelmed my heart

Posted by Gurpreet at 9:55 AM |


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