Monday, April 23, 2007
Global Warming – Major changes till 2030
The day is not far when earth has to face the adverse consequences of Global Warming. The process has started and in the coming years we are going to witness major climatic changes and will even see the demise of certain species!
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico – The frogs in the rain forest are going to be extinct
  • SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — The rainbow world of the Great Barrier Reef may fade away.
  • STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Ticks(a blood thirsty parasite) will move north, carrying diseases with them.
  • Toronto, Canada – Polar Bears survival difficult!
  • London – Important food fish faces challenge!
  • Dakar, Senegal – The dimb tree (the fruit of which is used in many dishes) is disappearing
Source - dpl88F

Apart from these there are many species that will be and are already struggling for survival!
According to a leaked UN Report Australia will be facing extreme weather rise and will see more droughts, floods, fires and storms and the Great Barrier Reef will be devastated by 2030.
More Info - tFhlpl88F
Sydney (Australia) even registered its concern about global warming by implementing an hour-long black out. More Info - tFhlpl88F

This video will make you realize how insoluble this problem is and now, it can be rightly called The Point Of No Return!

There’s much more to global warming than all this. But, can something be actually done about this NOW, at this level? If no, then we should be ready to face the worst consequences.
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