Monday, April 23, 2007
Here we go again...
As i was on yahoo and BBC reading news from around the world. Guess what i read about India???

By the way....who are these people in India who always happen to have time for burning posters? Do they even know who Richard Gere is???? Where do they even find his posters in India?

I am sick of Indian being so sensitive about little things. It was only a kiss on CHEEK NOT EVEN LIPS. It meant to be sweet i am sure. But NO in india they gonna start burning posters.

and BTW...why is it ok for actress like Shipa to wear almost no cloths and dance in rain. BUT its taboo to kiss on cheek?????????? I dont understand how things in India work. CAN ANYBODY here plz explain it to me? Why its OK for indians when their actresses wear almost NONE clothing on screen BUT a kiss is like end of the world? Or was that because Mr Gere was White kisssing Indian actress in India??India update your calendars. Its 2007 NOT 1007
Posted by Gurpreet at 8:50 AM |


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